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Old 10-06-2013, 05:18 AM
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Also, you should consider that the XP lag bug in a seperate topic was promised, yes promised, to be fixed in the next patch. It was not. That was several patches ago.

All this being besides the point, I appreciate your response. I will look forward to being able to play this game some day at least, then maybe I can give myself some kind of pat on the back for spending $ on it. Until then I'm going to feel foolish and ashamed for wasting my money.

I'm sorry you only have a crew of 5. Hopefully the amount of revenue generated by Steam sales and revenue from crowns etc (which I note there are new units available for $ purchase in-game store with each patch) or license will be able to fund some additional crew in the future. But, since it hasn't already, I'm not counting on this.

This game has so much potential to stand out in the gaming realm as something genuinely unique and great. I hope you can somehow reconcile the utterly game-breaking bugs in the future that won't cause customers who buy it to uninstall it and forget about it forever.