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Old 10-04-2013, 08:50 PM
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Angry games dead

Game dead should just close it down announcing how there all failure if you ask me. I can't even play this game if my game doesn't crash with in the first 5 sec of opening i have my towns magically vanishing, troops losing there level, troops ignoring what i tell them to do (so they'll just stand there doing nothing). Also i can't train rangers as Elf, and if i try to start a orc town it won't save the town i can start it build it up in the first 30 mins log off then log back on to see my orc town didn't save. If i try do pvp i lose connection to the servers every time so there goes the pvp part of the game. I can't do any of the single player parts of the game if i do the game calls me a hacker then closes my game. So at this put these guys just took my money, and gave me one of their dog's pile of **** that they spray painted gold.