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Old 10-01-2013, 03:36 AM
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Default Quest information is lacking

As a long time RTS player, I am absolutely loving this game. However, I feel that the quest information box could use some more clarity...or...more information. I've attempted "Into the Swamp" 4 times today, and am on my 4th fail. The first 3 times I destroyed the church first (pointless, but learned that too late) and frantically clicked on the wizard, only to be forced into returning to map when my army of knights/mounted knights were near death. The 4th time I finally made it to the cut scene, only to have no idea where Morin was. I got so focused on finding Morin I completely lost track of my hero, who was killed by a random Ogre at the fall back point. It's unbelievably aggravating in not just this, but all sieges, to have no idea what/where my objective is. I've noticed a few pop up boxes at the top of the screen, which seem to serve no purpose other than to tell you what you're all ready doing. I can't help but feel like I spend more time wondering "OK, what next?" than I do actually battling.

--End Rant--