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Old 07-31-2008, 01:55 AM
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Well not going to play elves for a moderate amount of time if we are able to have a capital for each race. Dragons will be my main race unless they prove disappointing and Humans scream my play style. Elves and Orks will be rarely played by me at first. Orks will be the race i play after my capitol gets blown up just so i can blow off some steam. Elves will be interesting.

As for starting position if we get to choose Dragons maybe near Hisstrata, Humans Tatered Islands, Elves farthest corner, Orks Righ smack on the boarder to other races. Positioning is in part becouse of a little blurb that i read saying something about quests giving better rewards the farther they were away from your capitol. I do want to participate in the PVE if there is any and not be ready to start the quest only to have my home be attacked becouse i happen to be near the border.

But whos knows for sure how the mechanics of the game will truly work, everything is subject to change until the game servers are permintly shut down after all the players have moved on. Hopefully that will be after several years of exceptional game play and Dawn of Fantasy 2 is thriveing.