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Reverie World Studios Forums - View Single Post - Realy getting annoyed with loosing units and resources (crowns due to bugs /glithies
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Old 09-18-2013, 09:12 PM
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Angry My game hates orcs!

So ya i can't play the orc race game crashes if i go into a siege or battle with the orc race human work fine elf idk, but orcs ya guess want class I'm never going to play cause game won't let me. I don't even know if this game is even worth a dollar at this point. About 90% of it is bugged, and the 10% that isn't bugged causes your game to crashes. The game is almost impossible to play 90% of the time I've had more fun road raging then playing this. Love the idea of the game, but it too dam buggy when are these going to be fixed?

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