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Old 09-16-2013, 12:05 PM
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I think i had an interresting idea about how can factions control territories.

You can create a central spot which would cohabit with already present NPC town.

At the start this spot would be empty, just like one's city territory at the very begining of the game when nothing is built yet.

In each territory, the faction that controls it by birth-right (for example rollingplains for humans) can build this "player made/npc controlled" city by sending it troops or ressources to help it developing. For instance what i mean is that each player of the human faction can travel to it and give away ressources and/or troops that he will never see back again.

The ressources will allow the city to develop just like a player city would, and the troops will garrison it (for instance if the first player to give the city troops sends 3 packs of lvl 20 knights to it, there has to be 3 packs of lvl 20 knights that will defend the city when players of other factions will attack it).

At the very end this city must be of huge scale just like makkada, or maybe even bigger so that only a coalition of at least two players can destroy it.

When the city is conquered by another faction, it gains the right to settle the whole area and build itself the city anew to defend it and so on and so forth.

Controling territories like this can give factions advantages that have to be determined yet. they cant be too big in order to leave a chance to weakened factions to get back on tracks.

A nice addition would be the right for player's controlling faction to be able to visit it just like its already possible with huge cities with quest givers, so that they can see how their factions city is doing so far (and can decide do give out ressources or troops if not satisfied with it)

And the advantage of it could be to be able to meet unique vendors or recruit unique units that are specific to each world's region for the controling faction.

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