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Old 08-29-2013, 04:51 PM
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Default Bugged town and battle

I was attacked by Usurper at 6:38 PM EST on Thursday 8/29/13 in my main town of Aldera. I had 66 population in my town. I had all level 5 buildings, All the stone walls, trebuchets on most towers. I had a lvl 24 Royal Dragon and 4 archers. I had NOTHING except swordsmen who were not even assigned to the town when I was attacked. The battle started I had one swordsman, no buildings, no walls, and one peasant in open ground against an army of 264 strength. So, I left the map. I lost my whole town, and 21 crowns, not to mention almost 45000 in resources and 10k gold. I also lost my all my peasants, all my buildings, every house I had, EVERYTHING. It would be nice for someone to give me my stuff back....ALL OF IT as I would not have quit the fight but he would have kicked my ass anyway considering I LOST EVERYTHING before the battle even started it was gone. EVERYTHING! How am I supposed to rebuild my town with no peasants, no walls, no military, no resources and 80 minutes before I can be attacked again, not to mention the fact I do not have any crowns to start building new walls anyway. It would be nice if this were fixed before Labor Day weekend is over, if ever. With extreme frustration...Alder
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