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Old 08-26-2013, 03:41 AM
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im pretty sure this event is over for now but here is my idea.

1st idea ---
a Glory event.

you receive glory for winning a battle against a player in pvp
if you loose you loose half the amount you would receive if you won the battle.
You can receive glory from siegeing npc city's but not as much when you pvp a player.

The person with the most Glory within the time limit set wins what ever the reward is.

2nd idea ---
killing a specific troop

You need to get the highest possible troop kill than other players
you only have about 3 days to kill as many as you can
if its ogres you would have to kill as many as you can to beat the other players

3rd idea ---
Gold making event

to win this you would have to make lots and lots of gold
so you would either have to trade with other city's such as making some pigs and selling them to another city to make profit, Or just going out and killing what ever you can find.
and of course the winner will be the person who received the most gold