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Old 08-18-2013, 06:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Gyumaou View Post
Who was it exactly that you talked to? As long as you explain it and detail all units then there is nothing stopping us from refunding you. We cannot give you your units back but we can compensate you for whatever resources/wealth they cost.
i cant tell you the name because it was a few months back when the first balance issue happend and units gained more population in order to use

my concern is if i have a Royal Dragon - 120 crowns and he is lvl 30 and used gold to get him all the way up there your saying i get 120 golds and 100k gold or whatever it is to get up to lvl 30?

will the gold be added to the market? or to my storage?

i mean you know how much work i have to do now? writting up all the units i will delete, calculating how much gold iv spend on levling them etc?

im ganna spend 2 days if not more just to do that! thats no fun at all! not even sure if its even worth it to do it and just say forget it im thru.

and if you dont believe me how much money iv spend and the units i had to delete since the last pop increase go check it (Xhodan)