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Old 08-17-2013, 06:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Sunleader View Post
talk for your self, i didnt cry or could care less im all for balancing the game, but if you read my post not able to ****ing play the game because of that is retarted!!!

i once already had to delete i dont knwo how many hunter dragons when they first changed how many pops each unit takes. i didnt get a refund or anything

now its the same ****! sorry if they add something than they also need to think it thru!
all my units are over populated means i cant move my armies anywhere, i have no space to put them anywhere since my home is full and i already got 10 armies!

now im ****ing screwed!!!! only way to fix this is to delete units agian! thats lame!
specicaly when there already trained!

iv spend so much money on this game and instead to help out the supporting people they just slap them in the face and dont give a ****. they could refund the lost units or atleast move them back to market or something.

i cant ****ing play the game at all anymore!!!!!!
what am i supposed to do now?!?!?! sit there and just delete all my units agian!!!!!
waste money again!!!!!!!!!!!!

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