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Old 08-15-2013, 09:19 PM
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Pay 2 win? really sorry first post on these forums but no where near is it pay 2 win!

Been playing 10/11 days now, My human pretty much has every hero at least level 30 but only 2 dragons the red and green. Did buy some crowns the first day what is lol now I know a thing or two about the game and how to get crown's. A human can easily get 50-80 crowns a hour with 3 army's in the first 3-5 hours of game play if done right.
Now my elf has 3 armies of almost all level 20 normal units that used gold to level up has all 3 crown shop dragons at around level 25. it has 50 Dwarf miners that can only be brought from the crown shop 7/10 army slots unlocked. And here is the funny part not one code or cash has been spent on the elf character.

This game is so far from pay to win I really don't see why anyone after the first day or so would spend real money on this game other than to support Reverie worlds what I will do some time.
Now if you was going to go on about balance of unit/race's in game I might agree with you (ok will agree) but that is a whole different story that has nothing to do with this post or this childish mentality that most online gamers have nowadays that if they don't understand a game or how it works and has a cash shop that even if only sold cloths will call it pay 2 win some how.

If anything the cash shop is bad, should feel bad and hell does feel just so bad that they should give free stuff everyday to every character in game...... Oh hold on they do that anyway.