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Originally Posted by SunSic View Post
i have followed this game since it was in development. i was very excited when it finally went to beta, even tho we could only try out single player. when it finally released i got it right away, anxious to play an actual mmorts. i spent a week raising an army, and fought 50 million bandit camps, leveling that army up (even tho every upgrade i did, to any unit, did not stick, and i would always hafta re-apply the upgrades everytime i clicked on a unit). im not too much into pvp, but, i was pretty confident that id be able to hold my own, with my army of 200 well-trained soldiers!

then... the very first attack on my castle! the anticipation and excitement of being able to pit my army against another's! until i saw that the opponent had come at me with a whopping THREE (3) units. thats it. his entire army consisted of THREE (3) units. it might have been laughable, had these THREE (3) units not tore up my ENTIRE army. yes, the one i spent a week training up. i dont care if youre uber ninja orc on crack... 3 dudes should NOT be able to destroy an entire army of 200 or so soldiers. this person won because they paid a few dollars more than i did, and so, got a few units that are apparently immune to regular damage. it was absolutely rediculous. i was so terribly disappointed in this game, that held so much promise.

Your argument are invalid. first becouse is soo generic that not deserve even a serious reply, you not specified what units he got what levels, what kind of skilling , you even accused that he payd for such units, and tbh not exist unit in game that you cant get thrue normal play , so payd or not, anyway thegame match your army based on strenght so the pay to win argument is total invalid. he can buy thrue real money 50 heroes if his army have 5000 strenght he will not be matched against a 2000 str army.

The way you talk show to me that you have very low knowledge of the game , your units where probably completely wrong low level and bad skilled, you should reconsider your position and focus more on learn how the game works.

There is units that counter totally other units, so even if you have 10x of them, they are very ineffective even vs only 5 units of their direct counter.
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