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Originally Posted by Wolffighter View Post
thx now my army is to big and it's realy high nerfed (most the swordsmen)
honestly the 3 or 4. nerf to the swordsmen they are so weak now thx -.-
i was offline for the last 2 months now it seems i go never online again you just do stupid nerfs everytime
-5% crush res +5% pierce res more dmg and hp for you is a nerf? at list put some logic into what you wanna complain about

Swordsman role is tank expecial ranged, so their pierce dmg is one of the highest in game, of course wearing armor means they are slow, and vulnerable to crush weapons(this is why crush res got lowered, and tbh still quite high anyway), nothing changed on their main role, tank slash dmg and ranged dmg. they even got slightly more dmg and hp.
Long story short their main role capability is improved.

Regards dragons and heroes, since units on next patches will get a general resistance nerf (all 3) of about1 0% , and dragons got recently augmented by alot their hp/dmg , the pop cost got augmented, consider also dragons now are not bugged anymore vs mounted units.

Another big issue was ppl running with dragon only army, in the future we wanna limit the number of special units you can have for army to something: like max 4heroes and max 2 dragons, but now for limit them we need to use the population cost.
We wanna also limit the number of normal troops for army to max 14 of same kind, this for avoid mono units army, or mono heroes or mono dragons, but this kind of script will require a lot of time, since we will need to re-write the entire army system ,so for now we work with the basic values.
If need dragons/heroes will get again a boost in hp/dmg maybe res(for dragons) for match their augmented pop cost. this untill we work on the new system, then we will lower again pop cost.(since the dmg seams fine probably res/hp for dragons will be best choice, while heroes will get more hp, also both will get more strenght values since now a royal dragon need to have strenght values similar to 15 normal troops)

Regards skill reset, it was never ment to be available during fight, enabling ppl to freely change skill on their entire army based on the opponent is a cheap shot, it will also have a crowns cost on next patch.
Ppl should think wisely how to skill their units, not have a magic button at no cost,that allow them to unskill-reskill all stats based on who they are facing.
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