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Old 08-03-2013, 06:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Xhodan Xeus View Post
again im not ganna give you or anyone my new password! how do i know you wont do **** with my account? sorry this is pretty lame you know very well that every company NEVER ASKS YOU FOR YOUR PASSWORD!!!! NEVER!!!i dont care if your a mod or work for them or what not! i shouldnt have to give you my password. i really dont understand why there isnt such thing as login into your account and change the info i mean thats pretty much the first thing you should do when creating a game, have a proper login system.

are you honestly telling me there is no other way to change my password? im ****ing screwed now? cause giving away my new password is not an option. specialy since i use that password for everything else!

dude this is lame this guy keeps login in and ****ing my **** up its been 3 days if this continues that i dont even have to change my password cause everything i worked for will be ****ed up!

To sum it all up, if you look at Blizzard for example, They already know your account password whether they asked or didn't ask.. All comapnies know your password the moment you ask anything about your account so they really don't have to ask.

Well if your account is already in danger, who can you trust to fix it? If you can't trust a DEV "not a mod" to Fix it then yeah your screwed.. Ive had my password changed several times for security reasons and ive not had any trouble from doing so.. If you truely want your account saved, then you best learn to trust the Dev on this one and stop being paranoid