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Old 07-30-2013, 07:22 PM
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I'm the only person I've seen shamelessly run around with shamans melting armies with the click of a button fully expecting to get it nerfed sooner in the process.

It's not all about the blood purge itself although it is ridiculously overpowered, the hero only costs a third of the army strength as the other elites (Aside from the starter hero). With 15 of them at high level which is an army full you're only looking at around 600-700 army strength. People are quick to dismiss the idea of them being powerful because of their 2000 hp and vulnerability to other heros/dragons but when you can hit 80% resists, have multiple aoe heals/self heals, and are free to skill up as much stamina as you like because blood purge doesn't scale off of attack you're faced with a serious threat.

It's lazy balancing at times when you just make an ability weaker. It would be better if purge did something like friendly fire, didn't have a short 10 second cooldown, made it easy to view the shaman by giving him an aura, lowered his resists, etc - in other words creativity in addition to nerfing the damage so you don't make it a waste of stamina in the end.

He's the one of the few unique heros out there aside from the infiltrator/dragonslayer which have clearly defined specialities even if they're underappreciated.

Just my 2c

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