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Old 07-29-2013, 06:04 PM
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Default The joke that is the 'Dragonslayer'


I have noticed a couple of odd things about the dragonslayer, which in my eyes makes it kind of useless for what his job description says. I've noticed the following:
  1. The Dragon Horn only severely limits dragon speed, it does not stun. A dragon can still melee your units, and can still spit fire. This means the ability does not do what it should, and basically allows the dragon to just continue to kill your troops.
  2. The Dragonslayer is immune to fire, yet still runs like a little girl whenever he's in it. Basically this means royal and red dragons can avoid being hit by the dragonslayer by just laying down a fire wall. The dragons themselves can still bash the dragonslayer's skull in, however, as the Dragon Horn does not stun dragons. The dragonslayer may have an attack multiplier against dragons, but what's the use of it when he will never hit a dragon?
  3. If a dragon attempts to fly away because it is at low health, and you use the Dragon Horn to keep it from flying, the dragon will simply be teleported to the end location of it's flight. Oh dragonslayer, you've just saved a dragon's inevitable death! Thank you dearly!

These points make me think dragonslayers are the laughing stock of dragons. I believe they should be changed, as there should be a counter to dragons. I know arguments will be used that "dragons are not so hard to kill"; I would like to invite these people to fight 2-3 royal dragons at 90k hp that are laying down fire everywhere. Let me know what you think!