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Old 07-26-2013, 11:40 PM
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Originally Posted by auroxyd View Post
talking about shaman, i just bought 3 of them (sold for 66 crowns). and when i read a pack of 6 shaman level 53, i'm stuned.
i play with a new little project, only heroes of all class mixed in 3 army. then i was planing to set 1 shaman / army.
i bring them to my training spot and : after 20 minute games they go from level 1 to.....level 2 almost 3. considering it's only 10 points of exp, how many time is required for 6 shaman 53 ?! it sound like clone bug exploit, i wont say anything about that, but it's kinda know by lots of gamer, since some talk of that, in the game chat.

IF it's not a clone bug exploit, your army (no offense) isn't shape for pvp, i mean they are level 7 to 15, if i'm not wrong, and you just need 10 hours of game to level that, taking all your time. So time wise your encounter was bringing more than 1000 hours of game (i'm still stuned by 6 shaman level 53), i won"t lost my time with math, but you got the point. your battle was month of game vis 1 day of game. staticaly, it's not unbalanced.

Now some little hints for those who want decent army, specialy melee class : fight at rollingplains, there is 2 wells, bring 2 units by well. open fire, and voila, 20 minute = level 1 to 10, can be 11, 20 minute from 11 to 15, then your choice, good to go, or around 1 hours for 15 to 20.

For ranged class, Bal -something, the ogre area, after brakental, hunt ogre with a tank (impaler, spike man etc...), and 4 unit of ranged class. set a camp first, you will need it to refresh the wounds.

once you have some ogre in your camp, fully healed, take them as tank; cos once you have your army full (60), you want sold some as siege unit, and train your ranged class with the gold farmed. just keep 4 of them for a next turn (the badass ones). so it's a win win. dead Ogre drop gold, best way with Elves male warden (20K gold), depend of race, but as elves a run worth 50K gold = level 4 ogre = 1000 gold, and while this time ranged class level during the hunt.

So now, back to those famous shaman, how the hell can we farm more than level 1 to 2 in 20 minutes !

As usual, apologies for my basic english, and good game !

For starters my strategy is always been to keep units below level 15.... except heroes.. I don't like having very high lvl armies as I do better with what I do.#2, I have more hours than 1000 as I played the game when it released in 2010 as I waited for the game since 2008. #3, the guy had over 450k Gold so he trained those shamans with Gold. #4 He didn't use any cloning bug, he was all Legit except the shamans need nerfed.. and it wasn't a siege so there was no wells :P and Ill say it again, 6 level 53 shamans killed my entire army with "Blood Purge" no real skill was used to fight me, if it takes someone to use one ability like Blood Purge to kill an entire army then there is something wrong there....