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Old 07-26-2013, 10:16 PM
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Default balanced game or almost

i've heard that so many time, about so many game this word : balance or nerf and so on. for DoF since i play it, yes i'm kinda new for this game, i haven't found it so unbalanced, but completly balanced for any kind of gamer. i explain :
you guys know the old scientific test for the kids : eat the marshmallow now, or wait 30 minute and you will have 5. this game is all about that. if we want to avoid a pvp at start, just lock your town at 19 peeps, and take absolutely all your time to build your armys decently, stack the food, wood, rock, raise your town, and once you feel ready to go, open your town !(hold wall palisade until you are ready)
Actualy i won't a game fotm fast-paced, it's a strategic game, mitigation high = more time to build a strat, even if 90% seem's realy high, there is always a hole in the armor (rock, paper...).

i.e i'm not pay to win about anything (despite the fact i will do if it was possible, i mean to support this game), starting a new town since 3 days, still under attack protection, and i plan at least 1 week more until i open the gate. army with 1 heros level 60 (max attack 800 = , no need to say the units infront of him must be fully geared with all upgrade) 2 high knights level 39, 2 dwarf champion level 45, 2 Orcs warlords level 30, and 3 shaman...level 2
all of that to say : we have time to build the game, town or whatever that we want. how many game give you the possibility to play exactly as you want it? just be curious, explore some map, read some post, and you will find anything, for casual or hardcore gamer.

Apologies for my basic english, and good game !