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Old 07-26-2013, 06:16 PM
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Exclamation This needs to be addressed and Delt with Swiftly

I will not name as I follow a code of No shame...

The Elite unit Shamans are WAY over powered...In the 3 years ive been playing ive never seen what happened to me just awhile ago... I had an army strengh around 460 with around 7 swordsman 5 knights 4 mounted knights 7 crossbowmen and a level 15 hero, this is what i had and most where around the levels of 7-10 .

Now what this guy had "as mentioned i will not name & Shame Policy I go by, Had at least 6 Tribal Shamans, all level 53 and his hero was level 5.. He charges at my whole army and I noticed within a second my whole entire units Health dropped to half health including my Hero, and then BOOM another Mysterious AOE from those tribal shamans, My whole army Died less than 10 seconds from the moment he charged "Engaged" AS I see this game breaking, I suggest Tribal shamans be immediately removed and those who bought them be recompensated until this is fixed.. I have no screenshots nor did I fraps because Like I said, ive never seen anything like this before.....Completly awwed and Shocked that I don't know what to think of that massacre....

Edit: I bought one of those tribal shamans to see what ability it was and its called "Blood Purge" Drains the blood of the enemy, and if I read correctly its got a 10 second cooldown 150 stamina cost, and over 500 points of damage so 6 units using an ability to do an AOE of 500 or more damage thats like over 2500 or more damage in one use... .... I thought this unit was supposed to be just a healer as it says in the description? but anyway, this unit is a God unit...

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