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Old 07-26-2013, 03:09 AM
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Originally Posted by dropkick_jxy View Post
I guess there isnt alot of veterans on here.

Plus i think alot of people remember me for bad times for example the many times my Dwarf army wiped out there army/city hahaha.... Good times
iv been here pretty much since release of DoF, i dont think its that not alot of veteran are here its more like this game doesnt really require you to check the Forums like other games.

most actions on forums happen because of "political" stuff, pvp, who owns what area, trolling, BS talking. For right now DoF is more of a stand alone game or more a game that you can play online but mostly just be your self. there is no real political talk here, since you cant realy own anything. your guild or your self cant take somehing over and defend it from other people/guilds.

so its mostly newbies who come in the forums to ask there questions or if they encountered a bug. other than that there is no real reason to go on the forums.

maybe if DoF will ever have something like a dynamic map where you can acctualy take over stuff or acctualy see the other players army on the map, this might change.
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