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Old 07-26-2013, 12:13 AM
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Originally Posted by axal011 View Post
Ive been playing since 2010 pre-release steam which is a very long time ago :P I have recently become very aggravated of the less PVP and im tired of having to ask someone what their strengh is all the time..

MY suggestion is, to Implement Outposts like a minor city but just a mere outpost that can be attacked by any strengh...What i mean is... You use that to have constant battles because within these 3 years of playing 4 out of my maxed out cities have only been sieged 6 times in 3 years and its ridiculous...So I suggest making outposts for people who WANT an outpost to be sieged to have some PVP Fun.. Sorda like a Side thing..You know, you order your food you get the main meal and then there are Sides to your main order lol... I would love to have an outpost to be attacked by any army strengh whether my strengh is 500 lower than the attacker I don't care, I want to be or lose still fun.. I just feel like most people are too afraid to siege others, quote "Most" are.. So take this idea and drink on it for awhile

Hi there, firstly very nice idea, i like the sound of it and i think the general lack of player finding in pvp and surprise of strengths and unit types is a problem but i can 100% assure you that we are looking into balancing and updating pvp as well as pve to make it more streamline, fair and easier to access.

Secondly, to clarify, you want almost a secondary type of camp that can be attacking in pvp by players of any level like a random event almost? sounds interesting, again, nice idea and thanks for playing any more questions or help add me on here or post, also add me in game "ComedyChris" if i can help with anything.

have fun and good luck in game "and out"
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