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Old 07-19-2013, 11:59 AM
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Hello all,

My complaints (maybe more could come):
-first its dificult for me to see the information on the interface, and I mean dificult to see literally, not that is dificult to find it (this is another issue). I believe that as our backgrounds are multi-color because of the art, on the dark spots you cant see the letters if you set it to dark colors, and when you set to white or something you cant see it in the bright spots of the UI. You could fix this with a default background color at the places that we must read (like chat and units informations), like all other games.
-other big issue is to level up the units and select it using UI. For example if 3 squads leveled up, but I have 10 squads from the same unit, I have to exclude one by one till only the three squads left or till one of the leveled up squads reach the front of the line of units selected. We could change the first squad on that line (the squad that are displayed on the left side) by only left clicking on it, but instead when we do that the whole army you selected is diselected, only remainning that squad that you left clicked.
-other thing, and this is a bug, when you added new units, the elf enchanters stance option desappeared. This is essential since I need to set them as passive.
-hot keys for those instances and habilities is also appreciate.
-the icons of each squad should blink when they are engaged in combat.
-after a fight I miss a summary of how many squads I lost, because I need this information to replenish my army as it was before.
-there should be some way to "clean" the interface and make easier to see the essential informations. For example, those circules that we use to see squad formation, level up, change stance etc are too close each other and maybe the icons could be larger. Perhabs those informations should be displayed in a straight line above our screen. The same thing for units stats: is dificult to see where is the damage, armor, stamina etc. Maybe it should be organized in a columm, like:
303 Slash/ 150 Blunt/ 345 Pierce
Stats should be displayed per theme, I mean, attack and defence, stamina and health, level and exp, speed and ammo (minor informations). HP should come first, then stamina, attack, defence, level and exp, speed and ammo, all organized in a columm, not splitted in a circule.