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Old 07-18-2013, 11:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Ashtaroph View Post
Logs for last nights CTD

HoHummmmmm getting bored waiting now, have you ever seen a game and thought "yessssssss finally, I been waiting for this for ages" you pay good money for it, you download it, and then IT CRASHS, you contact tech support, you get a reply, you try the suggestions, it still CRASHS you let tech support know because after all you were asked to let them know if there fix worked, btw in case you haven't understood yet, it still flipping CRASHS, I've attached logs as asked, surely even a cursory acknowledgement wouldn't take long, even to say sorry Ashtaroph, we're look at your logs asap, but no, its been 2 days and nothing, nada, zilch ! I have paid for a game I cant play.
Sorry to rant but as you may have gathered i'm not to happy right now !!