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Old 07-17-2013, 04:36 PM
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Regards hp regen for normal unit is in program a hard cap of 15hp/sec , and a reduction of area effect dmg that stack up like for example firewall from dragons, regards res : i am gonna start lowering units case by case ,if you notice recently dmg got augmented on majority of units. as well ability, and dragons dmg.

Balancement is a slow and continuous work, i cant just Bam lower all units res in game by 20%/30%, many factor must be considered, such as single soldier dmg/Hp, how many soldier there is for batallion, unit precision, unit attack rate, if the unit have certain bonus towards cavalry or monsters, the kind of dmg the units does., the movement speed, the upgrades, the racial traits.

IS much more complicated that it seams, so we proceede by small amounts 5-10% at time
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