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Originally Posted by Kyren View Post
Hey there!

Me and a friend are considering getting the game, but we'd like to clear some open questions before we click on buy:

How much time do we have to invest into the game every day to not get attacked in a row because we don't make enough coins to buy protection? Are player sieges very frequent?

Can we choose in the beginning how close our kingdoms are together? If yes, would other people - we've got 2 more people maybe interested - be able to settle close to us later too?

Is it very costly to buy attack protection?

What happens to our towns/kingdoms when we loose a siege? Is it a huge setback, or is it something that can be ignored?

We're mainly interested in the Multiplayer aspect of the game, completing quests together, trading ressources, etc. We don't really want to play a lot and be able to siege others, the PVP aspect isn't all that catching. And we aren't looking to catch up on our missing playing time by buying a lot of coins for real money :P

Thanks in advance for any replies!

1. City Attacks dont need any time for you to prevent
Dawn of Fantasy Online Kingdom is Online based but your still not going to be attacked once your Logged off.
So no worrys on that front

2. You can choose your Starting Point dependent on your Race
By now there is not any real use in being close together except that it doesnt take as long to get Armys to the same City for Coop Attacks.
Friendlist Trade works independently from distance anyways

3. Actually Player Sieges are very Rare.
Siege Equipment is costly and Attacking an City always means to fight as Underdog cause the City has an higher Population Limit as well as Walls and Defenses available.
Theres also an extended Noob Protection time making sure you wont be attacked before your actually ready for it.

4. You receive Attack Protection after PvP (and if I remember right also after Coop)
I once bought an 20 hour Attack Protection (Ingame Time only of course) for 40 Crowns which is several Quests worth of Crowns.
But so far didnt use it since just putting up a Trash Army and going to PvP myself gives me new PvP Protection and at the same time makes sure that I only use Units I especially Build for Fighting.
The Duration of Attack Duration is independent from Army size so even an small 5 Unit Army going for PvP grants full Protection already.

5. Its not something you can Ignore since you got alot of Repairs and Losses to Replace.
But its also not an real End of the World Thing.
Stuff will be damaged and Units will be Dead but everything can be replaced and repaired.
You neither lose Technology nor an full Building so the Progress is stalled for a while but not setback

6. Well currently Coop is limited to Quests and NPC Town Sieges. (further stuff planned)
But thats fine.
Actually you can go through the whole Game without doing a Single PvP.
And you dont really need to Invest money after Buying the Game.
Quests and NPC Major Town Sieges get you enough Premium Currency to complete anything and everything on that.
No need to catch up time either cause you can just play at your fancy.
Once your logged off your Ressource Income will continue but you wont be attackable or lose anything.
Even your Attack Protection will stop running out.

I got some experience so it might take you a bit longer.
But even with an newly startet City I had no trouble of getting about 3 times the Crowns needed to buy 2 Hour Attack Protection within the 2 Hours of my active one.
So your in no need to catch up on anything and also dont need to worry about Investments to the Game.

Tough I think I have told em several times that they should give some more Reasons to actually Buy Premium Currency...
Its one of the few Games which has an Dev team that is seriosly playing together and talking with the Users Ingame and in the Forum.
Which is an major reason for me to hope theyre Succesful in making Money as well :P

Greetz Sun
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