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Old 07-27-2008, 10:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Mikey View Post
Ok i posted in another topic a quick question but i did not get a strate answer i was wondering about the world map like how it works in all with the players ok here are my questions

1) when you first log on how do you get your land in the game will you be able to pick it or will you just be plopped down in some random spot
2) if you log off will your land be taken off the map and up for grabs again
3) soon as you get your land will you be able to name your town and or city mines gonna be IownThis if you can that is
4) if you get to many people on a map will you be going to another world/map/server
5) if there are server will you be able to pick yours or will it auto pick it for you
6) will there be other continentes besides the one you are on if so will you be able to travel to the others to wage war
7) after you have taken over a country or been taken over by another and were destroyed and sent back two days will be able to rebuild your town somewhere els on the map
8) if you take over new towns/raise will you be able to make a new one there because i don't want to be making Orc's if i am human
9) if you have troops on a crusade to destroy the orc people will they need food if so will you be able to equip them with food and/or rations or will you be forced to feed them will a supply line
10) if they run out of food can the pillage the nearby country side for food
11) is this to many questions

I have more but i don't want to type them all out right now my fingers hurt
thats alto fo questions man use search (6) is yes and yes