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Old 07-15-2013, 09:26 AM
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Default [CONTEST] Best screenshots - THE END

Hello, DoF community!

After few exciting weeks, our screenshots contest have finally came to the end. First of all, I'm really sorry for a small delay between voting end and this thread, but I was sorting some things out with Konstantin.

Now, it's time to announce winners. Only 7 players had more than 1 vote. Those 7 are:

1st place: Wolffighter - 21 votes
2nd place: HaldirQ - 19 votes
3rd place: jishness - 15 votes
4th place: comedychris - 11 votes
5th place: Superior - 6 votes
6th place: Krasen - 3 votes
7th place: mrknabber - 2 votes


1st place: 10 game keys for DoF and 600 crowns/influence
2nd place: 5 game keys for Dof and 360 crowns/influence
3rd place: 2 game key and 240 crowns/influence
4th-7th place: 1 game key and 120 crowns/influence

Also, there were 10 guys with only one vote. Unfortunately, there was no way to choose 3 out of those 10 to place them between 8th-10th place, so we decided to give you all one 120 crowns code.

Those 10 players are: commentarist, Akrakorn, neXtBytes | Reyven, Peacyking, rocket0744, Nicstar543, Boriky, EnglishPlayer, paranoic86 and Holywizy - congrats guys and girls - you'll get one 120 crowns code.

I will send you your keys (both crowns and CD keys) in a day or two.

Once again - congratulations!
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