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Old 07-14-2013, 10:29 AM
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Default Questions before getting the game

Hey there!

Me and a friend are considering getting the game, but we'd like to clear some open questions before we click on buy:

How much time do we have to invest into the game every day to not get attacked in a row because we don't make enough coins to buy protection? Are player sieges very frequent?

Can we choose in the beginning how close our kingdoms are together? If yes, would other people - we've got 2 more people maybe interested - be able to settle close to us later too?

Is it very costly to buy attack protection?

What happens to our towns/kingdoms when we loose a siege? Is it a huge setback, or is it something that can be ignored?

We're mainly interested in the Multiplayer aspect of the game, completing quests together, trading ressources, etc. We don't really want to play a lot and be able to siege others, the PVP aspect isn't all that catching. And we aren't looking to catch up on our missing playing time by buying a lot of coins for real money :P

Thanks in advance for any replies!