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Originally Posted by SunSic View Post
i have followed this game since it was in development. i was very excited when it finally went to beta, even tho we could only try out single player. when it finally released i got it right away, anxious to play an actual mmorts. i spent a week raising an army, and fought 50 million bandit camps, leveling that army up (even tho every upgrade i did, to any unit, did not stick, and i would always hafta re-apply the upgrades everytime i clicked on a unit). im not too much into pvp, but, i was pretty confident that id be able to hold my own, with my army of 200 well-trained soldiers!

then... the very first attack on my castle! the anticipation and excitement of being able to pit my army against another's! until i saw that the opponent had come at me with a whopping THREE (3) units. thats it. his entire army consisted of THREE (3) units. it might have been laughable, had these THREE (3) units not tore up my ENTIRE army. yes, the one i spent a week training up. i dont care if youre uber ninja orc on crack... 3 dudes should NOT be able to destroy an entire army of 200 or so soldiers. this person won because they paid a few dollars more than i did, and so, got a few units that are apparently immune to regular damage. it was absolutely rediculous. i was so terribly disappointed in this game, that held so much promise.

Multiplayer has a feel that goes against common expectations and as such can initially be deeply frustrating untill the hidden tricks and traits can be learned.
I would also ask if these 3 units were indeed units or single 'heroes', if so its possible that a combination of skill spending meant that the amount of men you can put around them in melee combat did not do enough damage to outweigh there regen and resistances. Something like this is best countered by specing mass damage and hoping you can wear them down.

I do hope you read this because I can speak from experience that my first multip[layer was a keyboard throwing nightmare that ended in an angry 'report a bug' mail to the devs. But upon deep reflection I was playing the game the way I thought it should be played, not how it actually should be played and changing my playstyle helped dramatically improve my happiness with the game.

I will say that with smaller, more elite armies the problem is you can only get so many people hitting them in the face and as such (as I've said before) high resistances and regen can make them appear immortal. Counters to this are plenty of archers that can all attack regardless of man-to-man contact and as such have a massively increased dps advantage. give them fire arrows that provide 125 of completely unmitigated damage for every man in the unit and those heroes will drop like sacks of arrow punctured and burnt potatoes.

I hope you get a chance to read this, have a rethink and give the whole thing another go.