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Old 07-12-2013, 05:11 PM
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Originally Posted by theinternetman View Post
If someone is bad at creating a properly balanced army then that's the player's problem, not an issue with game mechanics. If you spam all archers why wouldn't you expect an army of all cavalry to bash your face in?.
Because you don't choose who you fight for starters.

For the main course you don't get to see the army of the person you are fighting with unitll you choose to except the fight, so essentially it could be anything.

For desert an all archer army can, and usually will annihilate an all cavalry army if they have fire arrows.

For a cheese board selection and coffee with polite conversation I'd like to point out that if I am indeed wrong, and an all cavalry army would completely trounce and all archer army. An all cavalry army is efficient against no build except an all archer army. Whereas an all archer army is pretty damn lethal against everything except maybe an all cavalry army.

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