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Originally Posted by snuffy View Post
I play the steam version of the game. When will the pathfinding patch be out? That will be a huge plus because it is my number 1 complaint.

On lesser issues, looters need to loot instead of shoot when you tell them to loot. Or give us more then 2 minutes to loot a siege so we can kill everything off and make the most money

Ty for the replies!!
I've noticed units often ignore orders as well. It seems that unlike just about every single RTS ever made DoF wants to be a special snowflake and give your own units commands without you ordering them to do anything. If you notice when you click the "stop" command units will immediately try to do something else like move somewhere or fight an enemy instead of just stopping completely until you give them another order. It's extremely obnoxious to have to spam stop over and over again just to get my units to not run directly into fire or enemy ranged unit range. In every other RTS when I say stop my units just stop and don't do anything. Dawn of Fantasy seems to be far over engineered in ways that detriment the gameplay experience rather than improving it.
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