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You are looking for a single word in each puzzle and these words will help you to find the final word, that will reward you with 2000 crowns!!!
Do not share your words

1: the word you are looking for is related to time
In the sunny Cuba, there once was a fisher, Santiago they called him.
HINT: literature

The answer is: Old (Santiago, fisher, Cuba = The old man and the sea, word related to time is OLD

2:some men swear by it, some men keep it, others loose it when they break it and those that do well are rewarded with it. (Made by FoSLee)
HINT: Judge

The answer is: Honor (hint judge = your honor)

3. 3 of these there were, before poor frodo lost his ring (Made by FoSLee)
HINT: Everything has to end

The answer is: Age (third age ended after the war, when the ring was destroyed

4.I have nothing to offer left. Blood is running from my hands, tears from my eyes and I cannot see through the sweat. My lord, please, let me live, I have two daughters, who are 13 and 5 , my son is 19 but he won't take care of them.. Please, have a mercy and don't kill this 40 year old man.
HINT: World War II.

The answer is Toil (Key words in this riddle are BLOOD, SWEAT, TEARS and I have nothing to offer, missing word is TOIL, if you check the ages of people there, it is 13.5. 1940, the day that Churchill made that speech

HINT FOR THE FINAL WORD: Horse, Poem, Skyfall, Island, Line
The final word is the name of poem!
Google usage is adviced!

The final word is Ulysses! (hint = horse (trojan horse) Poem, Islan (Ittaca), Line (of poem), Skyfall (this poem was used in movie James Bond : Skyfall)
Google was adviced, if you write down correct words from riddles, you will get one line from poem Ulysses by Lord Tennyson, that is the correct answer!

You can guess more times, so try it!

If you solve these puzzles correctly, you should have 4 words, one from each question.
Use these words to find out the last single word, that will bring you 2 000 crowns!
Only the fastest wins!
PM me your words on this forum!
I must admit, it is not easy, if nobody finds out, I will write here some hints.
Good Luck!!!

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