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Old 07-10-2013, 05:33 PM
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Originally Posted by theinternetman View Post
It's funny because it's one of my most loathed features in DoF because high end PvP turns into huge re-skilling contests. Would be really nice to only let you re-skill units outside of a PvP battle.
Problem is that you could get into a distinct paper-rock-scissors form of army set ups making more people bail out of fights upon seeing the enemy and realising there set up has no chance rather than, well, fighting.

I thought that a couple of minutes set up similar to before a pvp seige where you can see the enemy units might do the trick but then they would have to be able to change stats as well, giving way to a 4 minute digital thumb war over stat juggling before being nailed down.

so what about keeping the changes in the fly of battle and looking for improvements?

Well I don't think you can have saved skill 'loadouts' effectively as that could foreseably allow some rather devastating max damage charges followed by tank spec followed by mass stamina retreat followed by mass regen.
Even with a cooldown on switching that would be, frankly, nightmarish.

My personal suggestion is that first if you have more than the unit selection limit of a single troop type, you get another unit icon for those troops. Ideally we would like just to be able to select more troops but if that can't be done, I feel this is a great alternative. It would allow much quicker seperation and ordering of armies.

Now we can more easily select our units on the initial map we need to see about better ways for mass upgrading and respeccing. Some code/network streamlining to reduce the lag on spending those skill points would be nice as unless your going all in one stat I find you have to be fairly slow or all your clicks will not register.
Finally all this massively helps if you have nice big units of exactly the same level, but as your running around I'm sure you'll find one unit of bad ass terminators just seem to kill steal everything and end up 2-4 levels higher then the other units of the same type. When this happens things can be frustrating.
From what I can gather a mass selection bring up the highest level unit's stats but the abilities will activate across all units, the same applies for skills. The problem seems to be if that unit has less skill points to spend then a unit with more then you will have to individually upgrade the rest.....
Currently the best thing to do is occasionally go to a training camp to buff up units so that all of one type are the same level. I would think the best solution would be that a mass selection enables the skill button if any unit has skill to spend and is directly relative to the most aount of points a unit has availlable.

you have 3 archers 1 lvl 5 and 2 lvl 4
the lvl 5 hasn't leveled up at all in this hypothetical battle yet of the other 2 archers one started at lvl 3 and another at lvl 2.
When all archers are selected I would have, regardless of the main unit portrait, the skill button show 6 skill points available and as you spend them the game smartly acknowledges that only the first 3 skill points go to both lvl 4 archers and the next 3 only on the archer that leveled up twice.

Although something like this is in the game the problem is with the main unit portrait upon mass selection. Perhaps it would be infinately simpler to always show the unit with the most skill points currently unspent and only if there are no skill points available is the highest unit portrayed.

I think that makes sense.