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Old 07-10-2013, 02:35 PM
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Originally Posted by snuffy View Post
1. Pathing is horrible. My main guy will spend 5 minutes running inside troops to get out. Troops get stuck on the siege equipment getting up walls. Troops should make way for people when they are moving, this needs fixed because it is HUGE pain the ass. More so if you want to climb up the keep walls.
As Hi11 says, big pathing update on the way, should make a big difference

Originally Posted by snuffy View Post
2. If you have more then the "magical" number of the same units in a fight map. When you select them all (click top left) it does not select them all. SO then you move them and it doesn't move all your units. Sure you can work around it by creating a sub group but... why can't it just work?
For the love of god yes please. A someone who enjoys playing goblin armies (60 units) the nature of first separating everything out so they can move then assigning into groups can be a bit of a pain in the ass.

Originally Posted by snuffy View Post
3. Crashing in game.. When the game crashes in a siege it needs to give you an option of joining back into the same siege. I lost 5 level 20 Ogres and a few other high level units on a siege I was going to win. Having no prompt with "would you like to re-join your siege" after a game crash is crazy and this is PVE not even a PVP match. Also, it is a bit frustrating if it is a long siege.
Funnily enough I find that unless the unit was already dead/about to die then the disconnect shouldn't lose you units, similar to bailing out by returning to the world map.

Originally Posted by snuffy View Post
4. AI and may be somewhat related to pathing... My dudes are apparently ******ed (ok they orcs but still... ) I tell them to stand ground, tell them to not attack on the way, and then tell them to go back to camp. What do they do?? Stand and fight so I have to click click click click watch click watch click click to make sure they get out. Can you guys make it work, if I click once to go to point B the unit should go to point B.
First make sure attack move is not on, having that as a toggle button rather than a one off function is a bad move I believe and you can attack move into groups but then forget it is still on and you have to deselect it first to get any response, if you didn't put all your units into groups then your gonna spend a while clicking each unit individually.
Next I find that if 1 of the men in a unit is effectively trapped and can't join the unit AND that trapped guy is getting punched in the face then the whole unit will agro onto the aggressor and charge back. hopefully pathing patch fixes this too.

Originally Posted by snuffy View Post
Now with all that said, is this unique to orcs?
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