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Old 07-09-2013, 01:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Xhodan Xeus View Post
so how can i win something? without using a lame 3rd party programm!
iv proved how much iv supported this game, that iv been here since release
what else do you need or want so i can win something?
I've never actually been part of a game with devs that actually get involved with their player base so often. If you have indeed been playing all these hours, and have purchased all these crowns then its extremely likely that you have fully upgraded your towns. If you want to get involved just download steam, xfire or another program. It only takes a few megabytes of space on your computer and I imagine you have a hard drive which was made after 1980 and has a storage space higher than 10MB?
Either join in the competition or leave, you wouldn't go into a car show crying and raging at the host because your tractor wasn't allowed to be entered. You would have to get a car, in this case its get a 3rd party app. Cool down.