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Old 07-08-2013, 11:02 AM
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While Xhodans rage is a bit silly he does have a point. It shouldn't be hard to implement something like all MMO's have: /age or whatever command to see how long your account (or city) has been online/played on. I'm not a programmer so it might be more difficult than I think

This would make it fair to everyone.

I personally haven't played anywhere near enough to be able to win something here but I just want to give an example:

If I want to participate I'd have to take a screenshot from Steam and then from Xfire because at first I played on Steam (which sucks - lag spikes) and now with the version from your website. Xfire doesn't record what I already played on Steam. (I've been using Xfire since 2004 so it's always on)

Just my opinion . Good luck further with the competitions, they are a nice initiative!
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