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Old 07-07-2013, 11:54 PM
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no im not freaking out first of all i dont see how thousand of hrs will give me 10.000 crowns

also i find it unfair that events always must include some stupid 3rd programm

plus this thread or event is how dedicated are you?
and iv posted how dedicated i am and was!

im sorry i cant screen shot these things maybe i can copy past some of the confirmed emails you get when you bought crowns. but a simple checking my account "Xhodan" would show hwo much iv spend on this game never receiving anyting back in return because all events always include some BS third party programm, even when the game was released on Steam i wasnt able to get a hand on any free goodies.

so yea im a little upset because iv shown dedication but you guys wont accept this dedication because only with a stupid 3rd programm i can show it off? sorry that dont call this thread how dedicated are you, call it how dedicated are you with steam and facebook or whatever.

iv done my fair share of dedication! and spend lots and lots of money and if you think spending so much money isnt dedication enough, i have to think twice if i want to continue playing a game you have spend so much money on and its not even being reconized one bit.