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Originally Posted by jishness View Post
TLDR: Don't give players who attack someone else protection. They get to choose what their army goes in with, their opponent does not.

I put this here more as a discussion, but it didn't seem appropriate to go on the main board.

Why is it when you attack someone, you gain protection? When I first started playing this, that didn't seem like a bad system to me. Because you still PVP whether you initiate the fight or someone else does.

But after having a couple weeks under my belt I realize, if you attack someone else, you get to choose what you're going into battle with. Your opponent does not. If they don't balance every single army they have, luck may have it you fight an army with a strength equal to what you chose but with no balance at all. Because its their PvE army perhaps, where they siege NPC cities.

As an example, a level 60 royal dragon's army strength is equal to a band of level 15 knights and their hero. My main army did not get chosen for this fight, but instead an army I was moving to help a new player co-op siege a city.

I lost the army. It sucks. Whatever. What's frustrating however, is that I cannot even seek vengeance on the person who is picking on weak armies with their dragon. They hide behind their attack protection so nothing of theirs can be attacked. If their dragon comes up against something that it can't handle, he just surrenders. Carry no resources and the dragon can't be taken from him because its an elite unit. There is nothing to stop this type of play mentality.

Currently my proposal is that when you attack someone, you don't gain any attack protection. You only gain protection if you have been attacked. I am open to ideas however as I'm simply looking for a way to stop this type of behavior. I know of at least one other player who had their army hit in this fashion.
nope if when you pay off dragon will lose 50% of his levels.. we will work on this

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