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Old 07-05-2013, 02:21 PM
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Just to let you know this bug is still happening...

A knight is born Quest, Entered the siege with just my hero, not sure what happened their or why but not important.

After some time it became obvious that the fight was going nowhere after what had started as a quick rout for the npc defence.

On closer inspection there was a group of two rival foot knights slogging it out with archer, swordsman, macemen and halberdier allies in the melee. Every unit i clicked on had its current HP way in excess of its allowed hp and none had regen ability other than knights prayer ability.

There were no wells nearby.

As the fight progressed the units levelled up and their hp increased although they didn't spend their ability points. It was a complete stalemate as the more they fought the more they healed each other, gained hp and levelled up. I was advised to surrender by the Mod active in the help channel and so i did with a hero 13 levels higher than before the battle and no real loss other than to the protection timer.

Edit: during the battle i was outsdie the castle fighting some lone swordsmen who also were healing themselves quicker then my hero could kill any of them, they had the blue twinkle fx about them so its possible the rest of their unit was elsewhere and under the influence of a healing/regen ability
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