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Old 07-04-2013, 10:19 PM
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ok honestly i do not know how i should fell, that my castle has an american flag now!
im not american! im glad and happy for your independence day and everything but i think putting flags on other ppls keep, where you very well know that alot of people play this game from diffrent nations. i am kinda offended by this. i have nothing against americans i lived in south cali 8 years long. however this is going imo too far.

i know how proud americans are over july 4th, but please think about how not everyone is american and the same way you guys are proud of your nations im proud to be german.
and dont really want to see an american flag claiming my keep
but whatevers its your game

just what i kinda think
still a great game and love it
and didnt mean to offend anyone if anyone got offended
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