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Old 07-04-2013, 12:10 PM
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Enough of this crap.
You called me a liar and I even quoted the part where you said zerg tactics should always beat quality. Here I'll do it again.
complaining that army scores aren't calculated properly because someone used a greater mass of lower level units to beat your smaller mass of high level units and beat you
Now since I didn't complain about being beaten in a good fight. I complained that my forces were utterly destroyed by a lower point value army The only possible interpretation of your rather insulting attack is that in your opinion zerging is the only way to go.

Now go back and read what I wrote not the dumb strawman you've been attacking. Then be sure to tell the game devs you've driven off a player and made sure that the word of mouth I spread was that the game is broken and the forum is populated by fanbois who won't toerate someone stating the truth.