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Old 07-04-2013, 08:22 AM
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All of the upgrades in this game work. Resistances, health regen, speed, stamina regen/max, damage, etc. Every single upgrade works but they're not I-WIN buttons. Sorry but no, high level units do not automatically beat lower level units, and that's again, a good thing. Picking upgrades to counter your opponents upgrades and using unit abilities like heals efficiently wins battles. 100% crush resistance is pointless when your opponent is shooting arrows at you.

Do the math on your units. If two level 5 units of Berserks beats one level 10 unit of knights that's an important thing to know. That matchup also has millions of combinations of upgrades that go into it depending on how each player used their skill points. Players like me often reskill our units many many times during the battle to counter the enemy's units as well.

Create an army of the unit you want to see the point value of, bam you now know what that unit is worth and can design armies around it. It's complete hyperbole to say that I'm in favor of zerging being the only viable tactic in DoF. You would have cited specific examples and explained the logic behind that accusation if it were true. Which is something you seem to be heavily deficient in. Maybe if you spent less time getting mad at the game in forums posts and spent more time researching and building a good army and practicing with it in the field you would win more games.

You're upset because you don't want to put in any time or effort into building and army and you want the game to give you a big fat I-WIN button and tell you exactly how to build your army to be competitive. Instant gratification gaming generation is part of the reason 99% of games in 2013 are so terrible.

Armies in this game are literally mass produce-able. Make tons of them, go practice, learn the game. Or just uninstall the game because I haven't seen a single constructive post in your history so you're clearly not interested in improving the game, just complaining and moaning because you paid $15 and didn't get to beat anyone in competitive online play.

I've had idiots zerg my knights and get trounced like it was nothing because I used better strategies. Like using the classic Warhammer strategy of tar pits. Knights are my tar pit units, with high resistances and almost no damage upgrades, while my archers are the damage dealers.

You can have 900 points of archers but if you're running regular arrows and your opponent is running high pierce resistance melee with restoration upgrades they could have 100 points and counter you easily if you don't have fire arrows researched or choose not to use them.
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