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Old 07-04-2013, 08:16 AM
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Originally Posted by theinternetman View Post
It's not the game's fault your APM is slow enough that you can't set unit group hotkeys, abilities, and formations before your opponent trudges across the entire battlefield which takes a decent amount of time. DoF isn't Total War, yes you need to spend some time learning the mechanics of a PvP game. Did you even record the battle to watch it again to see your mistakes? Also unit level isn't an automatic I-WIN button nor should it ever be. Making a good army composition and micro is far more important than having the higher level and that's a good thing. It's good that players who want to rely on brute strength of levels get trounced.

Clearly you're upset because you got beat in a game by a player who had far more experience or a far better army composition and you want to blame the game above all else. If you had some legitimate complaint about the game mechanics I'd be 100% behind you but so far you're complaining that army scores aren't calculated properly because someone used a greater mass of lower level units to beat your smaller mass of high level units and beat you.
Oh please. I used shortcuts, I do play PvP games quite a bit. The problem was even using shortcuts and such nothing happened most of the time.

As to your levels shouldn't matter nonsense, if the promotions actually do what they say, increase armor resists, attack, hit points, stamina and recovery, then higher level units should usually beat lower level troops. If the promotions don't do what they say then it is another instance of the game lying to the players. BTW you are arguing that zerg tactics should dominate. If that is the case in this game's mechanics it should be clearly spelled out by the point system. The point system makes the claim that quality and quantity can be balanced which is as it should be in a good PVP game. No one strategy should be the only one that works.

I'm upset because the game did not give me the information I needed to make a good decision about joining the battle and that the actual battle was so buggy/laggy I had almost no control of what was happening.