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Originally Posted by kbs666 View Post
Finally controlling units during the battle and reskilling them? I was barely able to get my units formations set and from some sort of battle line. He just came at me as a horde. He used no visible tactic except his units were simply far superior to mine despite the point value and his units being uniformly lower level.
It's not the game's fault your APM is slow enough that you can't set unit group hotkeys, abilities, and formations before your opponent trudges across the entire battlefield which takes a decent amount of time. DoF isn't Total War, yes you need to spend some time learning the mechanics of a PvP game. Did you even record the battle to watch it again to see your mistakes? Also unit level isn't an automatic I-WIN button nor should it ever be. Making a good army composition and micro is far more important than having the higher level and that's a good thing. It's good that players who want to rely on brute strength of levels get trounced. The way DoF pathfinding works the player with less units can split their army into smaller hotkey groups and micro far faster than the player with the large army because it takes far less time to calculate movement for smaller unit groups in DoF.

Clearly you're upset because you got beat in a game by a player who had far more experience or a far better army composition and you want to blame the game above all else. If you had some legitimate complaint about the game mechanics I'd be 100% behind you but so far you're complaining that army scores aren't calculated properly because someone used a greater mass of lower level units to beat your smaller mass of high level units and beat you.

You can have a group of level 20 knights with 90% pierce resistance in anvil formation but my gigantic mass of low level archers will still do 125 fire damage per arrow per hit and be able to easily run away from your knights and keep firing at them. Knights do not have any fire resistance so that's an example of why army diversification is important and levels aren't the end-all-be-all, which is again, a good game mechanic.

I'm not saying DoF PvP is problem free because it's far from it, but you do a disservice to the game and its players by not posting constructive feedback with specific examples, with proof (math) to back up your requests for changes to existing game mechanics. In other words, you're just moaning you got beat instead of trying to analyze the specific mechanics and matchups that took place precipitating in your defeat.

Originally Posted by kbs666 View Post
If my army composition was that utterly useless, all my knights had maxed out their armor resists BTW (I not being a complete moron), then the point comparison should not have been within a few points.
The game isn't responsible to hold your hand and tell you that you made a bad army composition. It just looks at the stats of your units and slaps out a score, just like Warhammer. You can spend hundreds of dollars on the best Magic The Gathering deck ever and you could still lose every match because you didn't know how the cards worked together or how to use them. Krell Lord of the Undeath in Warhammer is like 250 points or something insane like that but that doesn't mean he won't get roasted in 2 seconds if you don't build your army around having Krell Lord of The Undeath in it and use him carefully.

When someone gets perfected in a fighting game does that mean the other character is OP or does it just mean one player was significantly better than the other?
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