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Old 07-02-2013, 08:05 PM
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Originally Posted by theinternetman View Post
When you're completely new to the game and have no clue how to properly build and army and command your troops your matches are likely to end in utter defeat.

On the upside as you play the game more you'll find that creating new armies becomes rather trivial and so you can practice different strategies and army compositions. By having a large amount of resource production can you churn out armies quickly, and level up them additionally at towns with training centers for a gold fee. If you have level 5 unit recruiting buildings it's very trivial to produce 300-500 point armies to practice with. A lot of DoF's PvP comes down to resistances and quickly re-skilling your troops many times during the battle as the situation calls for it, which makes paying attention to the stats on your opponents units very important.
You're kidding right? Why exactly would I, or anyone, waste that much free time on a game that lies to us? If the relative point values don't mean anything then it shouldn't be there.

If my army composition was that utterly useless, all my knights had maxed out their armor resists BTW (I not being a complete moron), then the point comparison should not have been within a few points.

Finally controlling units during the battle and reskilling them? I was barely able to get my units formations set and from some sort of battle line. He just came at me as a horde. He used no visible tactic except his units were simply far superior to mine despite the point value and his units being uniformly lower level.

I'll wait for this next patch that keeps being promised as a fix to everything. Then if these problems are not greatly improved I'll write it off as money lost and delete the game.