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Old 07-02-2013, 04:24 PM
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Originally Posted by philo5080 View Post
I have to agree. You can't even get to any of the in game quests without immediately being attacked when the "protection" timer runs out (I have to wonder about a company that will sell you protection from it's players on ithe online store...). The imbalance between the two armies has always been ridiculous in my experience, and it's always the same MO, two or more dragons, run up, set everything on fire, and run away. Repeat, repeat, repeat......there's no combat in this game's PVP, just the use of fire.
Not sure how this point system works but I just had my first experience with this games PvP. The screen said I was slightly stronger so I went ahead and fought rather than pay the guy off. I never had a chance. His units seemed immune to my attacks. My army was mostly mid teens foot knights and his were some orc unit all seemingly at lvl 10 or below and he had a lot more units than I did. Neither of us used fire. I lost every unit except 3 knights and my hero. He seemed completely unaffected.

An even fight without some tactical issue should not be an utter defeat for one side.