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Old 06-30-2013, 10:10 PM
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Lightbulb Reply recieved

I received a mail from your support team 2 days ago whom gave me several tasks
To try and complete to try get the game working.

1. Turn off firewall and anti virus- Failed

2. Uninstall from steam and run download straight from site (download from site kept
Coming up with corruption errors after 6 downloads. So i downloaded the file from file frontt
And the installation went through but still had the same issues.

3. Make a new village i did so with each race and logged in and out of each every two minutes
As suggested and still non of them would save still went to the begining. And started a fresh .

Interesting however when on the human village in frustration clicked on the cancel for the attack
Immunty for 12 hours essentialy turnning it off then when logging in again it started again from the start but the attack immunity timer was only 1 i found that odd.

Also i already seemed of had the first two quests without accepting them . Though i had accepted them previously aswell as built building but sadly the buildings had still been reset.

I did the first two quests to find that when i logged out it had all been reset again and i still had first two quest and similiar results after a second attempt.

4. Make a new account with newly provided cd key i tried this and all of above again to find the same results

5. To get a refund. ............this i do not want as i truly believe in this game and want to support and spisponsor it through family and freinds.

Thank you Hillzone for your help also and i am sure you will indeed sort this out and I sure wont say no to some goodies lol but more than anything i wnt to be able to enjoy what i believe can be the best MMORTS game created.