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Old 06-30-2013, 12:39 PM
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Default Easy fixes and suggestions. Keep new players.

No idea how much of this has been suggested. I just took a mod's advice and made a thread with my suggestions.

Easy improvements:

1. Tool-tips and similar should provide players more relevant/important information in a more visible fashion.

-There is no need for chat to be filled with people asking which buildings increase storage and by how much, what the total population cap for a city is, how much of a boost does ranking up a building give, why they can't coop with a friend because they're still unaware of army strength values or that it is a requirement. Such confusion only discourages new players that we want to keep around.

For example: Warg pens increasing storage shouldn't be some great mystery, and beyond that the actual amount of storage it increases shouldn't be hidden (along with other buildings). No one wants to fight with themselves about throwing down buildings that take half an hour to construct not knowing how many of them will benefit them.

-"Rush Construction" should inform the player that spending a crown will half the construction time.

-When building houses from your settlement building it should show you how many you have and how many you are capable of creating

-The confirmation for demolishing a building should not be in the same location as the icon, it is too easy to accidentally double click or not have that extra moment to see it's a building you have upgraded with crowns.

-Building level upgrades should require a confirmation instead of a single click. New players complain enough about not having crowns without accidentally misclicking the rank up icon.

-Gold decay and inefficient rates of resources due to an overabundance of livestock could be indicated by color codes. There should be no "right" number but players should know if they are going to be trading population space for more yet still inefficient trickle.

-The abilities and detailed information of Elite units and others in the market should be included instead of just a picture and a description with such little gameplay information. People will be more willing to spend crowns if they know what it is going towards.

-The radius of heals and other aoe spells should be highlighted visibly for the player so they know what they are using it on. If this is too intrusive it could be a toggle option. At least make it easier to notice the little circle icon showing the range of the ability.

-Noobs should not be able to overlook constructing walls will begin their attack protection countdown

-Unit tooltips should emphasize the unique characteristics of a weapon such as the bolt thrower's inability to fire over most walls and the far range it has compared to the catapult and trebuchet or how a green dragon will fly faster and take off/land quicker than other dragons.

-When skilling up a unit it would not hurt to be able to see how many points you have allocated into each stat

Other suggestions:

-Walls could provide a boost in storage as an incentive for players to step out of the untouchable phase of gameplay that allows pure economic play without risk

-Along with the audio cue informing something has finished constructing it would be useful if an icon of the building showed itself briefly

-A tab showing your building count would be nice

-Having a choice of a couple more premade wall/castle templates could spice up the game and provide more variation during sieges

Some that I know should've already been suggested:

Add hotkeys for unit abilities, make it possible to face units in a certain direction, add formations, and let people know that the right mouse button can pull out stacks of resources or units and that shift-clicking is possible.

Making life easier for the player by telling them what stuff does should be a positive change.

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