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Originally Posted by Saan View Post
First Berserker - they stated as melee/ranged hybrid and wear bows. How can i activate ranged attack? For me they just melee and i did not find any option how to research or use any ability/upgrade for ranged.
Second, just wondering - there is alot of upgrades for slayers/impalers/ogres, that make them real cool. But there are none for top unit - berserker's, or cavalry. Which imho make them less effective endgame, compared to upgraded units.
Third - ranged units. Which are the best to use for orcs in endgame. goblins or marauders after upgrade, or there is a way to use berserker as ranged.

Slayers, are supertank unit, low dmg but high res-hp, combine scorpion formation+cover ability, they are needed for absorb enemy dps

Berserker, you need them as dmg troops the charge ability boost their dps they can also heal themself, consider they do slash/crush dmg so they very effective on fight high tanked melee troops such as grandmasters, foot knights etc. the ranged option is removed since was too powerful.

Impalers do x3 dmg to cavalry and even more to dragons and monsters like ogre

Marauder is a very good unit for orcs, also dont underestimate goblins, they are many, they can hide they can heal, and they move very fast.

Regards orcs cavalry they are few in the unit only 10 but very high dmg/hp, in the next patch orc cavalry and goblins will receive a boost in hp/res/dmg
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