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Old 06-25-2013, 05:09 PM
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Hi, i need specific informations, FIRE IS OP is not an information i can work thrue.

Fire is op, ok what fire? the fire that spread on ground? the fireball? the firewall? the fire from siege weapons? the fire from archers? the fire from firecart? the fire from new siege weapons?

Also what level are your units, what units you where using, and how you skilled them, (skill point assignment hp dmg res regen etc)
my lev 20 knights can run into the fire for a bit heaing themself and having over 2k hp each soldier and over 30khp for the overall batallion.

I have over 500 pvp game and tbh i rarely remember losing an entire batallion to fire, even when while hammering a gate my units where totally inside boiled oil
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